Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter):
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Brook Trout spawn in the fall of
the year.
Fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park is great during all four seasons of
the year. There are difference in the methods,
strategies and techniques you should use
throughout the year depending on the
environmental conditions. The water
temperature controls to a large extent just how
often and much trout feed. It's important to
understand their underwater world and how the
changes in weather affects them.
Brook Trout
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Small Water Fall
Frozen Stream
The Little Pigeon River isn't
exactly a good place to fish
this day. There are areas of
solid ice around the rocks with
snow on them in this scene.
The water temperature
temperature was 32 degrees.
A Wild Turkey is a common
sight throughout the year
Rainbow Trout spawn in the
spring. They are often found
in very shallow water during
the spawn.
Autumn brings some very
fine dry fly fishing that
many anglers fail to take
advantage of. They
usually put their fly rods
up too soon.  The
weather is normally very
nice and cool and it's
usually a great time to be
outdoors. If you haven't fly
fished in the Smokies
during the Autumn
season, you should give
it a try.
Autumn fishing on Forney
is usually excellent. The
fish can run very large coming
out of Fontana Lake.
Early spring is a good time to
River. Angie is fishing the
Blue Quill hatch in this scene.
Autumn not only provides
good fishing, it also provides
the best background for fly
fishing. The colors of the
leaves adds to the pleasure
of fishing even though they
sometimes catch you fly.
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All images are thumbnails,
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