Planning Your Trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Before you travel to Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a fly fishing adventure, we
think it would be a good idea for you to spend a little time on this section of our website.
The information we are providing is totally unbiased. We do not own or receive  
compensation in any form from any fly shop, motel, resort, recreational facility,
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Smokies program,
and consider using our
"Perfect Flies" where ever you fish. Irrespective of what you
choose to do, we just hope that your trip to these ancient  Southern Appalachian
mountains is a very enjoyable one for you, your friends and family. We want to help you
in any way we can, so feel free to contact us any time. We will do our best to help you
with your trip.
                                                                          James Marsh

Fly Fishing Planning:
When To Come and What To Expect: (month by month)
..........(January , February and March)   
..........(April, May and June)   
..........(July, August and September)   
..........(October, November and December)
Fly Fishing Gear, Clothing and Flies To Bring:
..........(Wading Gear)
..........(Fly Fishing Tackle and Gear)
..........(Misc. Gear and Clothing)
..........(Flies To Bring With You)
Fishing License/Regulations:
..........((Where to get license-rules-regulations)
Where To Fish (month by month suggestions)
..........(January, February and March)
..........(April, May and June)
..........(July, August and September)
..........(October, November and December)

Welcome to the Smokies

Where to Stay:
Inside the Park (campgrounds and hotel)
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Cosby/Newport, Tennessee
Townsend, Tennessee
Hayward County, North Carolina
Maggie Valley, North Carolina
Cherokee, North Carolina
Bryson City, North Carolina
Fontana Village, North Carolina
Graham County, North Carolina

Other Things To See and Do:
Clingman's Dome
Cades Cove
Cataloochee Valley
Fontana Lake and Dam
Newfound Gap
Roaring Fork
Visitor Centers
Other Historic Areas

Things To Do Near the Park:
Outdoor Things To Do:
Horse Back Riding
Auto touring
Rock Climbing
White Water Rafting
Historic areas
Bird Watching
Viewing Wildlife
Other Fishing

Other Things To Do:
Arts and Crafts

Additional Help:
Call us: 1-800-594-4726
Email us in advance
All images are thumbnails,
click for larger view
All images are thumbnails,
click for larger view
Ridges of the mountains in the park
with snow on the highest peaks. The
tops of the mountains get as much
as 70 inches of snow per year.
Angie teaching our Grandson how
to fly fish. That is a little brown trout
he caught on a dry fly. He also
caught a little brook trout that day
and would of had a Grand Slam
but he missed several rainbows.
Sugarlands Vistors Center inside
the main entrance at Gatlinburg. You
can pick up a park map, talk to a
ranger, buy books and guides,
watch films and learn about Great
Smoky Mountains National Park. .
Xmas is a fun time to be in the
Smokies. You can usually catch
trout during the holidays. This
image was taken for our Xmas card.
Would you like to catch all three
species of trout in the park in one
place? Try the meadows just above
the campground in Cataloochee.
If you don't know how to catch trout
on the fly, you can learn the fast and
easy way from our
"Fly Fishing DVD".
They teach all you need to know.
The Aerial Tramway departs
regularly from downtown Gatlinburg,
going directly to the Ski Resort .The
120 passenger counter balanced
cars will take you skiing.
The symbol of the Smoky Mountains
is the brook trout in our opinion.
This is a large one caught by Angie
from the Little Pigeon River.
..Great Smoky Mountains
..National Park "Perfect Fly"
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An underwater picture of a brook
trout taken by Chris Tobias.
A small brook trout stream above an
elevation of 3500 feet.  There are
miles and miles of small streams
such as this that are rarely fished by
Cub trying to decide if it wants to
climb the tree. Bears are
chances of seeing one when
your in the Smokies is good.
They should be respected but not
feared. There has only been one
case in the history of the park that
a bear killed someone and it is
highly questionable. They are
usually far more afraid of  people
than people are afraid of them.
Being able to see such a
wonderful animal in the wild is a
pure pleasure as far as we are
Expert Fly Fisherman, James Marsh, fishing for squirrels.
Click on the
season for more
information on
fishing at different  
times of the year
Let us help you select the best flies
to use for the particular time you plan
on fishing the Smokies. Call us
Free 800-594-4726
or email us and
let us know the approximate dates
you plan on fishing. Regular
Shipping is Free. Although we can
arrange for faster delivery, it's best to
give us at least a one week notice
prior to your trip.

If you let us know a little about your
experience and desires, we will also
advise you as to which streams we
think you should fish. We are more
than happy to help you in any way we
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