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Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Some notes on the park's fishing regulations.
It is legal to fish in the park on a year-round basis as long as it is from 30 minutes before official sunrise to 30 minutes after official sunset.
Some streams are closed to fishing to allow restoration work and are not legal to fish. Check the park map at the visitor center for a complete
list of regulations and a map of the park's waters. These are available at visitors centers and ranger stations.You must possess a valid
fishing license or permit from either the state of Tennessee or North Carolina. Either license is valid anywhere in the park. No stamps are
required. You cannot purchase these licenses from the park. If you are under age 16 in North Carolina or under age 13 in Tennessee are
subject to the adult daily bag and possession limits and are subject to all other regulations.A total of five brook, rainbow or brown trout,
smallmouth bass (or a combination of  these) each day or in possession, regardless of their condition. The combined total is not allowed to
exceed five fish. In addition to the above species, you may keep twenty rock bass. When you reach your limit, ;you must stop fishing. The
brook, rainbow and brown trout must be at least 7 inches long. Smallmount bass must also be 7 inches long. Any that are caught less than
these legal limits should be returned immediately to the water they were caught from.You can only use one hand-held fishing rod. Flies and
lures with only one hook can be used. Anglers can you dropper rigs with no more than two flies on a line or leader.You cannot use any form of
fish bait or liquid scent other than artificial flies or lures on or along any park stream while in possession of fishing tackle. You cannot use or
possess any double, treble or gang hooks. Everything is subject to inspection by the authorized park personnel. You should report violators of
these regulations.Disturbing and moving rocks to form channels and rock dams is illegal in the park. Moving rocks is harmful to both fish and
aquatic insects and should not be done.
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Note: Either North Carolina or Tennesse state license
works inside the National Park
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Weather: Cherokee, NC
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Mountains Weather: Clingman's Dome Shown
(can be changed to any major mountain in the Smokies)
Mountains - Forecast
Stream Levels:
Little River above Townsend
Up to 250 good wading levels, 250 - 400 wadable but use caution,
400 - 700 wading not recommended,  900 up - blown out.

Cataloochee Creek, downstream of park but useful
Up to 125 good wading levels, 125 -150 use caution, 150 to 250
not recommended, 250 up blown out.

Oconaluftee River downstream of park but useful
Up to 500 wadable, 500 to 700 high use caution, 700 to 900
wading not recommended, 900 up blown out