Stream and Lake Destinations - Monture Creek, Montana
As mentioned in the guide to fishing this stream, the first time Angie and I stumbled
Monture Creek, we were on our way to the Little Blackfoot River from the
Blackfoot River. That seems like two rivers that would be close together and maybe
even connected to each other, but they aren't. They are miles apart. Monture
Creek is a tributary of the Blackfoot River that drains a part of Montana adjacent to
the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

When we first crossed the stream, I had to stop and fish it. I guess anyone who has
read anything I have written has figured out that we love fishing small streams.
Nothing is strange about our Monture Creek adventures except that we had
completely forgotten about Grizzly Bears. We had left Yellowstone a couple of
weeks earlier. On our way back to Missoula from the Little Blackfoot, we stopped to
fish the headwaters part of Monture Creek. What we didn't know was that we were
in the middle of an area known for its Grizzly Bears. It gave us the creeps when we
realized we had been crawling around through thick brush for several hours on a
stream about the size of Walkers Camp Prong that is known for its population of

This stream isn't fished much at all for one simple reason. It's in the middle of no
where. Those that do fish it are probably partially responsible for restoring much of
the lower section of the stream from damages done by cattle. The headwaters
remain untouched for the most part. The stream is a major spawning area for bull
trout. If you ever get near the stream, you should make a point to fish it. It is truly
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