Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1. Blue-winged Olives (Baetis) - sparse hatches
2. Blue Quills - hatching
3. Quill Gordons - hatching
4. Hendricksons - could start within a couple more weeks
5. Little Black Caddis - hatching
6. Winter Stoneflies - sparse hatches
7. Little Brown Stoneflies - hatching
8. Midges - hatching in isolated locations
9. Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish

New "Perfect Fly" Smallmouth Bass Crawfish Flies

Trout are not the only species of fish that are plentiful and fun to catch on the fly in
the streams that flow from Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The lower
sections of all of the major streams in the park also have populations of
smallmouth. These fish can be caught year-round but the best fishing occurs in the
spring-early summer months and again in the fall months of the year.

Crawfish or Crayfish, whichever name you prefer, are very plentiful in all of the
streams that flow from the park. They are a major source of food for smallmouth
bass and trout, especially the larger brown trout. We have developed two new
"Perfect Flies" for smallmouth - the Brown Crawfish and the Brown and White

This is the Brown Crawfish. It comes in a hook size 4 and 6. The legs are made of
Rabbit Strips for toughness. Several other materials are used to make the fly look
and act like a real crawfish. It is designed to be fished in shallow water up to 3 feet
deep but can be weighted and fished deeper.

This is the Brown and White Crawfish. It is made for fishing deeper water. The
dumbbell eyes weight the fly and helps keep it on the bottom. It is great for water
that is stained. The white yarn imitates an egg sack and also helps the fish to see
the fly in off colored water. It is especially effective when the crawfish are spawning
as well as anytime the water is stained or off-color.  It comes in a hook size 4 only.

These flies can be purchased from out
Perfect Fly website. Shipping is free even if
you only order one fly. We hope you give these flies a try. You will not be

Copyright 2009 James Marsh