Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report - 12/24/13

What's Happening:
Not any local fly fishing for trout. That's for sure. As Johney Cash sang, the water is
six feet high and rising - well, actually it's three feet high and falling.

It was good to hear from my bream fishing expert, Mike Broach, yesterday. He is
adding an Auburn engineer's touch to fly fishing for bream - dual frequency sonar.

Angie made a big mistake yesterday afternoon. She decided she would pick up some
more food items from our local Kroger Grocery store in Pigeon Forge and found out
she couldn't  find a parking space. After parking and walking a few hundred yards to
the front door, she found out she was having a difficult time getting through the traffic
in the store. After standing in line for a long time and finally getting checked out, she
wondered why such huge crowds were here and begin looking at tags in the parking
lot as she walked to her car. They were almost all out of state tags. After all, not that
many people actually live here.

She couldn't get over all the visitors in town for the holidays. I told her she had just
not been paying any attention during the last few years or maybe we left town earlier
than we are this year. I don't exactly understand why. Yes, the Christmas lights in
Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are something to behold and yes, there are hundreds if
not thousand of places to shop but Christmas Eve is tomorrow (I'm writing this
Monday night) and I know it will again be just as crowded Tuesday, Christmas Eve;
Wednesday, Christmas Day; and every day until well into January.

I'm writing this early because we are leaving today for Guntersville, Alabama. I intend
to spend Christmas with my ninety year old mother as I have done every Christmas
day or within at least one day of Christmas Day, for the last seventy years.
Merry Christmas!

Smoky Mountain Weather:
The temperature will be falling to around 26 degrees tonight. Tuesday's high will be
near 34 with a low of around 18. Christmas Day will be sunny with a high near 39
and a low around 24. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday's highs around 45 to 50 with
no rain in the forecast.

Smoky Mountain Stream Conditions:
These three have nearby USGS Station Real-time stream data:
Little River: Blown out at 1240 cfs and 3.83 ft. (good wading up to 250 cfs)
Oconaluftee Creek: Blown out at 2040 cfs and 2.55 ft. (good wading 500 cfs)
Cataloochee River: Blown out at 561 cfs and 3.84 ft (good wading up to 125 cfs)

The Little Pigeon River doesn't have a station nearby but is still very high. I will
assure you, Hazel Creek and the other NC streams flowing into Cherokee Lake are
also blown out.

Smoky Mountain Stream Recommendations:
I wouldn't recommend fishing until at least after Christmas Day. The first ones you
could fish will be the little streams. The Roaring Fork and LeConte near Gatlinburg,
Anthony near Cades Cove, Walkers Camp Prong, Bunchess Creek near Cherokee,
Collins Creek, Kephart Creek on the upper Oconaluftee and other very small streams.

Recommended Trout Flies:
1. Blue-winged Olives:
Hook Size 20
nymphs (this would be the main fly)

2. Midges: Cream
Hook Size 20/22

3. Sculpins: Especially good in off color, high water & early/late in the day
Hook Size 6
Brown Sculpin
White Belly Sculpin

Recommended Fishing Strategy:
Until the water drops some more, don't fish

Tips for Beginners:
Don't fish. It will be dangerous for another day or two, not only from high water but it
will also be "cold" water adding additional danger from Hypothermia.

Tips for the Self Proclaimed Experts:
Have you seen the new Scientific Anglers Masters Series Streamer Express fly lines?

Perfect Fly News:
We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Whatever Hits Me:
Any comments and suggestions about this new format will be appreciated.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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