Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:

1.     Blue-winged Olives
2.     Midges

Most available - Other types of food:
3.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Getting Started - Hatches
In talking to a Perfect Fly customer yesterday, I was reminded again of something
that seems to be a huge problem for those getting started fly fishing and
sometimes, even those that have been fly fishing for trout for a relatively long time.
It has to do with the word "hatch". It seems whenever a discussion is taking
place about trout flies, many anglers automatically associate everything with
hatches. By the way, like most anglers, I'm using the word "hatch" to mean
"emerge" from the larval stage of life into the adult stage of life. Aquatic insects
hatch from eggs.

Your probably wondering what is wrong about relating trout flies to hatches.
the problem with it is, if you use a trout fly to imitate an aquatic insect that
"hatched" and is on the surface of the water long enough for a trout to
eat it, you would be imitating something that represented only a tiny
fraction of what trout eat.
It wouldn't  be imitating the insect for as much as a
1/1,000,000 of its life span.

Even when a hatch is taking place, trout eat aquatic insects below the surface of
the water far more than those drifting on the surface. More importantly, they eat
the larva stage of the aquatic insect (which includes nymphs) many times more
often than they eat the adult stage of the insect while it is floating on the water.

As soon as an insect hatches, it does its best to get off the water as quickly as
possible and fly or crawl away. That is most often, only about a second or two.
When that happens, the hatch for that insect is over. If the same insect
comes back to the water, it does so to lay eggs, or it just happens to fall in the
water when it dies from mating. That's not hatching. That is laying eggs and dieing.

Sure, we all like to catch trout on dry flies. It is generally considered more fun than
catching them on something below the surface of the water but to make my point
clear, when you do so, your only imitating a very tiny percentage of the food trout

When you are thinking about trout flies and imitating the food trout eat, don't be
guilty of thinking that just relates to hatches. Far more importantly, it relates to
imitating aquatic insects the 99.9999 percent of the time they aren't hatching. It
also pertains to imitating food the trout can see far better below the surface than
they can when it has hatched and is floating on the water.
Duh! You are far
better off thinking about matching what hasn't hatched, than what is
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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