Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:

1.     Blue-winged Olives
2.     Little Yellow Quills
3.     Great Autumn Brown Sedges
4.     Needle Stoneflies
5.     Midges

Most available - Other types of food:
6.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

A Squirrel Hunting Tale
With your permission, I would like to change today's article from a fishing tale to a
hunting tale. Yes, Angie and I have been spending a lot of  time squirrel hunting lately.
We spent most of yesterday afternoon and most of the night squirrel hunting. I'm up at
5:00 AM this morning writing this, but expecting to be hunting again as soon as Angie
and Biddie wake up

Early yesterday morning about this same time, I spotted something dart across the
floor of my upstairs office as fast as a streak of lightning. It ran behind my chair and
somewhere behind some boxes or a stack of framed paintings under a table. I
moved the boxes around a little but decided I was just seeing things. The room was not
well lit. The light from my computer screen and a small lamp on Angie's desk was it.
decided it was an optical illusion.

Yesterday, Angie came up to me with a scared look on her face and said, "something
is living in this house with us". I asked what she thought it was, forgetting about my
early morning experience and she replied that she thought it was a squirrel. She had
seen it flash twice, first thinking she was just seeing things. The second time she
spotted it, she said it darted across the living room floor and disappeared but that she
was certain it was a squirrel. I asked her if it could be a mouse, which we have never
had, and she said no that it was ten times larger than a mouse and had a long bushy
tail. I suddenly dawned on me what I had spotted darting across my office.

The night before, Biddie, our child dog, woke me up three or four times growling as if
she heard something. At first, I thought it was a bear outside. We have them come
around the house often and have even had them come up on our front porch a couple
of times. I think she can smell them even if they are outside close to the house. One of
the times Biddie growled, I thought I heard something in the living room, but thought
nothing much of it. I took her outside twice in the middle of the night, night before last,
thinking she needed to go outside but when we got to the end of the porch, she would
freeze and want to go back inside the house.

This morning at 1:30, Angie screamed, waking me up, and told me it was in our
bedroom. The only light was coming from the TV which we usually leave on all night.
We just turn the sound down. She said she thought it was still somewhere in the
bedroom. Biddie was also awakened. She was asleep at the foot of the bed and didn't
see it, but she started to growl loudly as if she smelled something.

Suddenly, Angie saw it jump out of the lounge chair beside the bed next to where I was
sleeping; jump up on the table next to it; and run across the top of a large framed
picture; jump down to the floor; and out the bedroom door. That must have taken at
least half of a second.

Biddle did her best to chase it but I held her, worried it would bite her. When I was a
kid, I saw one bite completely through my cousins finger holding a little peanut butter
candy bar. They have no trouble cracking a hickory nut. It took about an hour for me
to get her settled down, even though we shut the door behind the squirrel when it ran
into the living room. We kelp the bedroom door shut all night and it is still shut
while Angie and Biddie are asleep downstairs.

This morning I noticed I had left an empty potato chip bag in the lounge chair next to
my bed. It is obvious that is what the squirrel was after. When it gets daylight, I have a
squirrel hunting strategy in mind. I am going to try to isolate it down from living in the
entire house, to either the kitchen with a back door just off a rear foyer entrance, or
the living room with a front door.
With Biddie leading, Angie, her mother and I
lined up beating drums like a team of African big game hunters driving game
though the woods, I intend to scare the poor little squirrel into one of the two
rooms with an exterior door. We will then leave the room with the door
open for a while.
I am sure the squirrel is a lot more scarred of us than we are of it.

Two days ago, Angie and her mother left to go to the store.
About two hours later, I
walked into the kitchen and noticed the back door was wide open
. Obviously
that is how it got inside the house. It doesn't latch very well. You have to pull it tightly
shut. I need to adjust the latch on it. This is a very new house. It is very well built and
impossible for anything to get in otherwise.

I figure I had rather take the time to adjust the door latch, than to go bear
hunting - in the house, that is.
That will be the next likely scenario should we
continue to leave the door open. We also have plenty of other animals that would love
something to eat from the kitchen.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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