Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.     Slate Drakes
2.     Little Yellow Stoneflies
3.     Needle Stoneflies
4.     Mahogany Duns
5.     Little Yellow Quills
6.     Great Autumn Brown Sedges
7.     Blue-winged Olives

Most available - Other types of food:
8.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Fishing Tales - Electonics and Fishing?
If you read my post a few days ago, you know I went nuts over losing all my
stored (cache) information on our Perfect Fly website. Instead of it taking a few
seconds to make the update I was doing, software installed by a partner
company with the manufacturer, Hewlelt Packard, of the new computer I was
using, shut the system down and tried to install software I didn't want, don't need
or was even aware was the system, causing me to have to reload the entire
Perfect Fly website. That only takes about 18 hours and I have the highest
speed available at my location. Of course, that stops anyone from using the site
or ordering anything during the download. After three late night runs, I got the
job done. I cannot understand how HP would allow anyone to do that or why that
isn't illegal. It is done at 3:00 AM when most consumer users are sleeping and it
is done strictly to try to intimidate users into purchasing their product.

What does this have to do with fishing? Well, nothing directly as such. It just
reminded me of something most people would never suspect of me. My first and
only job other than working for my own company was an engineering position at
Southern Bell Telephone. That lasted four years ( I quit to form a general
contracting business) during which I spent a lot of time in school on guess what -
computers. They were the size of buildings then (the middle 1960's and only
people like AT&T nuts knew much about them. They were planning to convert all
the electro-mechanical switching telephone equipment into ESS, or electronic
switching systems - telephone switched via computers. None existed at the time.
Therefore, Bell sent me to school - twice in Atlanta and once in NJ at Bell Labs to
learn about computers.

A few years later, when I owned a construction company with 200 to 400
employees, depending on the time frame, my bank in Birmingham talked me into
putting my payroll on their new computer. That worked like a dream and so well
that i, working with a computer programmer, developed programming that tied all
labor expense on my commercial and industrial construction jobs (hospitals,
manufacturing plants, schools, colleges, etc.), to actual job cost and compared it
with estimated job cost. A year later, I was practically running my construction
business by computer much the same way large projects are done today. Other
large construction companies used my same program for their business on the
same bank computer for a few years after that. That was in the late 1960s and
early 1970s.

In 1980, I got out of the construction business and started the first ever
syndicated TV show on saltwater fishing. During the five years of doing that and
learning editing from TV station editors (analog editing), I was introduced and
learned to do computer graphics on very old TV electronic Chyron machines.
About the time I started producing instructional fishing videos and starting my
own video production company to do that (mid 1980s), I learned to use an
Omega Computer and later a Mac to do graphics for my programs. I leased a
multi-million dollar production company on weekend and nights in Orlando that
had one of the first digital editing systems for about three years, leaning digital
editing in the late 1980s. In the early 1990's, I went digital and begin shooting
with digital professional Sony cameras and leased a complete digital studio full
time. In the late 90's I purchased my own computer digital editing systems. The
19 fly fishing DVD Angie and I produced were done using all digital equipment or
computer controlled editing.

In the early 90s, boat captains began to learn about my knowledge of marine
electronic equipment and I begin to teach them along with many anglers on how
to operate their loran-C navigators, sonar units and radar units. Loran-C was
used for many years to position a boat on top of a small offshore wreck or reef in
deep water as well as navigate. I began to produce navigation and marine
electronic operational videos in conjunction with my 46 instructional saltwater
fishing videos that, by the way, have been sold more than any others in the
World. For over twenty years, I produced instruction navigation, boating, and
electronic operational videos for the Bennett Marine Group in Marina del Rey,
California. My fishing, boating, and electronic programs have been sold by
people like West Marine, hundreds of marine electronic dealers, Cabelas, Bass
Pro, and many other companies over the years.

Looking back, I worked with people like Darrell Lowrance, Lowrance Electronics,
Gary Burrell, the GAR in Garmin, when he had four employees when I first met
him, and Magellan when they made the world's first handheld GPS unit. By the
way, I had one of them before they sold the first handheld GPS. I later gave it to
a National Guard Unit in Foley, Alabama, headed to Iraq. Only half of the 24 GPS
satellites were up in space at that time.

I have done operational videos on over 400 GPS units, from giant commercial
fishing boat and aircraft use, to handheld units used by anglers and hunters.
For many years, the electronic companies sent me their first units, usually before
they went on the market. Raytheon gave me over eighty thousand dollars of
electronic equipment for just one of the boats i owned, just to use and promote
the new equipment. Several other manufacturers contributed electronic product
over the years. I have had the great majority of the top electronic product for the
last twenty-five years without ever purchasing a single item. Up until three or four
years ago, I had a studio full of electronics. Now it is all fly fishing stuff.
Understand, in case you don't know, about everything is in essence a computer
controlled navigator, sonar or radar. That's, of course, along with about
everything else in this World.

I had charter boat captains wanting to shoot me in the early 1990s, because I
could get pinpoint readings on the location of their boats fishing their private
reefs from miles away from my boat using radar and GPS. My knowledge of
electronic equipment has always given me a big advantage in saltwater fishing,
and much of the freshwater fishing I have done.

Now, that's written, I should add, if someone ask me how to do any of the normal
things most 10 year old kids can do on their computers today, I would be lost. It
isn't that I couldn't learn to do anything, anyone has come up with that I wanted
to learn in a heart beat. It's just that recently,
I am beginning to hate

Never-the-less, I happen to be currently working on a App for portable devices
that gives anglers instant access to information dealing with aquatic insects on
trout streams. That along with about twenty other things that's more than I can
possible do before I die.

Have a megabyte day, I mean wonderful day. And, no, I am not going to edit this.
I'm tired of typing.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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