Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.     Cream Cahills
2.     Cinnamon Caddis
3.     Slate Drakes
4.     Little Green Stoneflies
5.     Mahogany Duns
Most available - Other types of food:
6.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
7.      Inch Worms
8.     Grasshoppers
9.     Ants
10.   Beetles

Fishing Tales - Can You Have Too Much Money?
I finally have an answer to a question the founder of HealthSouth Corp., posed to me
about twenty-five years ago. My fishing tale will explain......

I don't recall the exact date, but back during the late 1980's or early 1990's, I accepted an
invitation from Mr. Richard Scrushy, founder of HealthSouth Corp., to fish for marlin. He
had a new 53 foot sportfisher, captain and crew based at Orange Beach, Alabama. I was
living at Orange Beach at the time and I accepted the invitation provided my friend Frank
Johnson, owner of MoldCraft Fishing Products, could come alone on the trip. Frank was
on his way from Pompano Beach, Florida, to visit me at the time. That worked out great
because they wanted me to critique the crew and rigging of the boat for fishing some
upcoming big game tournaments. I doubt anyone knows more than Frank about offshore
fishing for marlin and he would be an unexpected added bonus.

We picked Mr. Scrushy up at the airport early that morning. He flew down from Birmingham
aboard his private plane and we all headed out from Orange Beach Marina aboard his
new boat. In case your not very familiar with that size marlin fishing rig, they only cost
about 1.2 million bucks at the time. Of course, the boat is only the minor part of the
expense of marlin fishing. The fuel, maintenance, boat captain and crew, etc., represents
the real cost.

We ran out to an area in the Gulf along the continental shelf called the steps, an area
about thirty-five miles offshore. During the trip offshore, Frank and I carried on the
normal fishing conversations with Richard inside the air conditioned cabin. Marlin fishing is
often described as hours and hours of trolling waiting on something to happen, interrupted
by minutes of sheer excitement that only a few men have the opportunity to witness or

About the middle of the morning, after we had been trolling for an hour or two, Richard
tossed the front page of the Wall Street Journal he was reading in my lap. He said
something like, "look at this, would you". He continued, "How in H___, can you have too
much cash". On the front page of the newspaper was an article about him and how he was
mis-managing HealthSouth Corp. The article claimed the company was retaining too much
cash and not enough fixed assets. They were very critical of the company.

Richard continued to rant and rave about how stupid the article was. He also mentioned
that they were in the process of purchasing several hospitals, equipment and hiring
hundreds of doctors and other medical professionals, etc. He mentioned they had recently
purchased St. Vincent Hospital In Birmingham, if I remember correctly. I do know that his
company went from scratch to a huge corporation faster than his private jet could fly.

After twenty-plus years, I don't remember exactly how I responded to the question he
posed to me (
how can you have too much money) but I think it went something like,
"that doesn't sound reasonable to me....you would be better off asking me about marlin

Yesterday, I was reading a newspaper, when I noticed an article about Mr. Scrushy. It
reminded me not of the less than desirable things I have since heard about Richard, but of
the wonderful day of fishing we had, thanks to him. We didn't manage to hook a blue
marlin, our prime target species, but we did catch several large bull Dolphin and a wahoo
or two. Most of the time we were just taking about fishing, business, and waiting on that
rare, elusive blue marlin to strike our SoftHead Lures.

What did suddenly occur to me shortly after I begin to read yesterday's article is I finally
have an answer for him. The answer to the question, "Can you have too much money" is
yes. Yes, you can have too much money Richard but I'm sure you figured that out way
before now. If you google "Richard Scrushy", you will quickly find out why you can have
too much money. I can only remember the great day of fishing we had together, thank him
again for that, and wish him and his family the very best.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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