Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs
2.    Little Brown Stoneflies
3.    Quill Gordons
4.    Blue Quills
5.    Little Black Caddis
6.    Hendricksons/Red Quills
7.    Little Short-horned Sedges
8.    American March Browns

Most available - Other types of food:
9.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Smoky Mountains Fishing Report
I was doing good on my objective of fishing at least an hour a day until Tuesday. We  were so busy with
Perfect Fly on Tuesday it was impossible for me to get to the park to fish. I put in about 12 hours helping
Angie and her mother get orders shipped out. The pressure hasn't eased up any since. Not only did orders
for the Smokies perk back up, just about the entire nation decided it was time to go fly fishing. The
Southwest section of the U. S. has been the hot spot so far this year. I think it's the only area in the nation
that has maintained an average normal temperature. Most of the avid fly anglers place their orders in spite
of the weather knowing it will change, but many Smoky Mountain anglers have to wake up to warm weather
much like the black bears before they begin to emerge from their dens. It is obvious they are now fully alert
and ready to fish the streams of he park. Once the sun came out in the northeast, mid-Atlantic and New
England states, fly anglers began flooding our phone line, email and online store with orders as fast as we
can service them. There's no such luck for the Midwestern anglers or those that fish the middle Rocky
Mountains. They just got pounded by another huge blast of winter weather.

The recent snow that hit Colorado reminded me of one of the months of April Angie and I spent fishing in
Colorado. We had a good deal going, staying at one of the fancy ski resorts in Veil at a bargain room rate -
that is until we woke up one mid April morning to find  our truck covered in snow so deep we didn't even
recognize it. Snow even closed down the main east- west Interstate highway near the tunnel.

As I mentioned in my strategy article day before yesterday, I was catching trout about as fast as it is possible
to do late in the afternoons on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. BWO, Blue Quill and Quill Gordon spinners
were falling all three days and on Monday, in addition to the spinner falls, Little Black Caddis were laying
eggs in large numbers. I fished both the Little Pigeon River and Little River near Elkmont. The water was
much cooler than I expected, averaging only about 46 or 47 degrees at the highest. As mentioned then, it
was also strange that I only spotted a couple of anglers fishing during those three days. That was
unexpected since two of the days were on the weekend. I can only assume they left the streams earlier
during the afternoon. I can assure those that did, goofed up big time. I only talked to two anglers that fished
the park during the past week and neither one did very well. Both of them admitted leaving around 4:00 PM
thinking they were waisting their time staying on the water any longer.

Right now, conditions are as prime as they are going to get. Lots of available food turns the trout on
more than anything and there's a lot of food available for them to eat. There's more food available at the
present time than there will be for the rest of the year. There's been a few BWOS, winter and little brown
stoneflies, some of the little black caddis, and most of the Blue Quills and Quill Gordons that have already
hatched, but for the most part, the streams are as loaded with nymphs and larvae as they will be for the
remained of the year.  As these insects hatch, the food supply will decrease and by Summer the aquatic
insects will again reach a low level in terms of available food. Most of them will be eggs or tiny larvae and in
addition to those few aquatic insects that haven't hatched, trout will have to begin to rely on wind or rain,
blowing or washing the terrestrial variety in the streams for an additional source of food.

I hope all of you have the opportunity to get to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this Spring and
that you get to enjoy the great fly fishing opportunities. If there's anyway that we can help you, please let us
hear from you.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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