Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stoneflies
4.    Little Brown Stoneflies
5.    Quill Gordons
6.    Blue Quills
7.    Little Black Caddis

Most available - Other types of food:
8.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Weather and Stream Conditions Forecast - Coming Week
For the last two or three weeks, my weather and stream forecast have been just about worthless. They may
have been worse than worthless.
I based them on the National Weather Service forecast. I should
have taken whatever they had to say about the weather and predicted just the opposite. That would have
been far more accurate.

They, the NOAA - National Weather Service experts, say it will snow today in Gatlinburg. They also say it will
rain this afternoon after 5:00 PM. The high will be only 39 degrees. The wind will be almost as high as the
temperature. A total daytime snow accumulation of less than one inch is possible.
Now that's a great
forecast -
Snow of less than an inch deep. That means it shouldn't snow over an inch deep. If it doesn't
snow at all, then the forecast is still accurate because less than an inch could well be zero
In other words, they don't know if it will snow or not or it might snow and it might not.

Tonight, they predict new snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches, but they add the word "possible". I though just
about anything was possible? I guess we add that to less than an inch and come up with less than 3 inches
of snow. I'll bet they get that right.
I'll be we get less than 3 inches of snow. Tomorrow night, there's a
slight chance of rain and snow showers before midnight, then a slight chance of snow showers.
also a slight chance a NOAA weather satellite will fall from the sky and land in the Smokies on a
frozen Quill Gordon
. My guess is we will have a couple of inches or more of snow on the ground for a
short time.

Wednesday's forecast is partly sunny.
That means it will either be sunny or not sunny. I'm betting they
get that right. The high will be 42 degrees.

Thursday, it will be mostly sunny. That means it will be sunny or not sunny for the second day in a row.  
They say the high will be 50 degrees.

The high Friday will have the added effects of global warming and the temperature will increase  to 53
degrees. Friday night brings another 20% chance of rain, which means, if it happens to sprinkle, they will be
right and if it doesn't rain, they will be right.

Saturday's forecast continues the 20 percent chance of showers, just in case it rains, and 80% chance it
won't rain forecast.
It will be hot, with a high reaching  57 degrees. The low will only be 40 degrees.

Sunday - drag out your bathing suits and jump in the motel swimming pool. It will almost reach 60 degrees.

They don't predict stream levels but I will.
I predict the stream levels will be perfect for wading anglers this weekend.

All in all, the weather is going to continue to be cold for a few more days.
You should be able to catch
plenty of trout but you will need to continue to use cold water fly fishing strategies for a few
more days.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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