Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stoneflies

Most available/ Other types of food:
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Fly Fishing Strategies - Which Flies To Use - Coming Week
As mentioned in yesterday's article on the weather and stream conditions, we're in
for a warm-up period.  We will probably get more rain and I hope the stream level
changes aren't substantial. Like last week, that will be a wait and see situation.

Right now, of the above listed insects, the Winter Stoneflies and Midges represent the
majority of what's about to hatch or actually hatching. If the water gets a little off-color
from rain, or it gets high and dingy, streamers imitating sculpin, minnows and batifish
may be your best option again.

The strategy I'm recommending is to start out with a Winter Stonefly nymph in the
mornings and stick with it with these exceptions. In low light situations, meaning early
and late in the day, or during heavily overcast or cloudy conditions that are likely, use
a streamer. I would prefer either the Perfect Fly Brown Sculpin or White Belly Sculpin,
depending on water color.

If the water gets fairly dingy or stained, switch to the Yellow Marabou Sculpin. The only
other changes I would suggest making is that if you see any Winter Stoneflies dropping
their eggs on the water, switch to an adult imitation.

Based on the long range weather forecast, it shouldn't be long before the
baetis species
called Blue-winged Olives, the Blue Quills, and the Quill Gordon mayfly nymphs will become more active and
begin to get ready to hatch. Along with them,.
Brachycentrus caddisflies, or American Grannoms, will form
their pupae in preparation to hatch. You will also begin to see more and more different species of Little Brown
Stoneflies crawling around during the days. Four of the nine families of stoneflies are called Little Brown
Stoneflies. Interestingly, you will often see these crawling around on the asphalt pavement on the roads
following along the streams. It holds the heat well and appears to attract them, but that reasoning is really just
a guess.

This is part 2 or a 4 part video trailer for "Fly Fishing Great Smoky Mountains National Park".
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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