Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stoneflies

Most available/ Other types of food:
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Weather and Stream Conditions Forecast - Coming Week
I have been out of town the last couple of days, enjoying spending some time with my mother. She turned 90
years old yesterday. I don't see how God could possibly create a better mother than the one I am blessed to

The only indication I had of the stream conditions in the park was looking at Little River and the Little Pigeon
River late yesterday afternoon on my way back home from Guntersville, Alabama. I usually cut through Lenoir
City, Maryville, Townsend, Wears Valley to Pigeon Forge, just to get off the Interstate. As usual, Guntersville
Lake had about 200 empty boat trailers at the boat launch sites I passed. About half of them were probably
fishing for bass and the other half crappie.

According to what I saw yesterday and the 3 USGS Real Time Stream Flow sites I looked at this morning, the
streams are all still high. It appears the Tennessee side of the park is getting into better condition from the
recent heavy rain faster than the North Carolina side. There is no rain in the forecast until Thursday night
and my guess is all the streams will be back close to normal levels and flows by then. The streams are all too
high to wade safely at the current time. Normally, the option would be to fish the small, higher elevation
streams but at this time of the year, the colder water of the higher elevations just adds to the problem. For
the next few days, on the Tennessee side of the park, I suggest streams like Cosby Creek, the lower end of
the Roaring Fork in Gatlinburg, and Anthony Creek in Cades Cove. Abrams Creek is probably still too high.
On the North Carolina side, Twentymile Creek and maybe the lower end of Eagle Creek are two options.

The high today will reach 47 in Gatlinburg but the low tonight will be a very cold 14 degrees. The high
Tuesday will only be 29 with a low Tuesday night of 17. Wednesday will be a little warmer with a high of 39
and a low of 28 that night.

Thursday's high will be near 45 with a chance of rain returning Thursday night. Showers are likely Friday with
a high near 41. There's a chance of rain and snow Friday night with a low of about 24. The high Saturday
should be around 35 with a low that night of 21. Sunday should be sunny with a high near 42.

The bottom line is the streams should return to near normal levels and the weather should be typical for
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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