Anthony Creek:
This is as large as the creek gets.
The water is a little high in this
image .
Anthony Creek Watershed:
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Although Anthony Creek shouldn't be considered a Smoky Mountains blue ribbon
trout stream, it normally contains a good population of trout and can be a fun place
to fish, especially for those that are spending some time in the Cades Cove

Anthony Creek doesn't fit our pattern of covering stream watersheds that exit the
park because it doesn't exit the park as such. In reality, it's just a part of Abrams
Creek. We have listed it separately only because it may be confusing to some to
call it a tributary stream to Abrams Creek. It probably should have been considered
a minor stream along with others we have listed under the miscellaneous category.

This stream is an unusual one for the Smokies because as the stream meanders
through the Cades Cove Valley, most of its water gradually disappears beneath the
surface of the terrain and flows underground.  

tream Size:
Anthony Creek is a relatively small stream even by Smoky Mountains standards.
The images shown on this page were taken where the stream is as large as it
gets. The uppermost section is even smaller and much tighter. Casting conditions
are not as open. The stream is tightly enclosed with trees.

It's very easy to access the stream at its lower portion because it runs through the
Cades Cove Picnic Area. It's not easy to access its upper portions because it's
tightly covered with trees and bushes.  

The stream normally has a decent population of rainbow trout. The small wild
rainbow trout are aggressive and fun to catch.

Average Fish Size:
The rainbows average on the small side for the park's streams but about normal
for this small of a stream.

Although the stream is very easy to access it's not heavily fished. Most anglers you
see fishing it will be staying in the Cades Cove Campground.

The lower end of the stream is fairly easy to fish. It's open enough that normal
small stream casting techniques are feasible. The upper parts of the stream can
be tough to negotiate and difficult to cast in.

We would suggest Anthony Creek only if the water is high in other streams. It's also
a good stream to teach youngsters how to fish. It's possible for them to catch some
fish and easy enough for them to get around in to learn the pleasure of fly fishing.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh
Small rainbow trout
Rainbow Trout do not get huge
in this stream but they seem to
be fairly plentiful and fun to catch.
Additional Information
On Anthony Creek:
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AnotherRainbow Trout from
Anthony Creek, but this one is a
little larger.
Anthony Creek
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