Planning Your Trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Where To Stay:
Cosby/Newport, Tennessee

Cosby is not a town or city, rather a community. It's located at the North end of the park.
Cosby Creek exits the park and runs through the community. Newport is a sizeable town
located on I-40, about six miles from Cosby.

Cosby Campground (in the park) is nearby and easily accessed from the Cosby area.
Brook trout can be caught in Cosby Creek near the Cosby Campground area without
having to hike in.  

There is only one motel in Cosby but there are several rental cabins, cottages and
campgrounds in the area. There are several motels in nearby Newport.

Foothill Parkway takes you from Cosby over a beautiful mountain drive directly to I-40, so
it's fast and very convenient to go to the North Carolina side of the park from Cosby. It's
easy to access the Cataloochee Valley and Maggie Valley from there. You can also drive
over the mountain directly to Big Creek in North Carolina. It also provides easy access to

We could recommend either Cosby or Newport for anyone interested in fishing Big
Creek or Cosby Creek in particular. It's a good alternative to Gatlinburg and Pigeon
Forge if everything is booked. It's also a good location for those just wanting to get away
in a more non-tourist area to fish the northern end of the park.

There's only one in Cosby. Newport has several to choose from.

Cabin Rentals:
Cabin and Cottage Rentals are available throughout the area in and around Cosby.

There are a few campgrounds in Cosby. There are several between Cosby and

Coby has a few restaurants. Newport has several restaurants as well as several fast
food places.

Fly Shops/Stores:
The White River Fly Shop section of Bass Pro Shop in the closest Fly Shop to Cosby and
Newport. It is located on I-40. There is a Walmart in Newport.

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