Planning Your Trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Where To Stay:
Cherokee, North Carolina

Cherokee, North Carolina is the prime gateway to the Eastern side of Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. It has museums, amusement parks, a casino, numerous
hiking trails, scenic drives, unique shopping, and a  wealth of lodging choices.

Cherokee is located near some of the best fishing in the park. The Oconaluftee River
flows from the park through town. It is one of the best streams in the park. The Raven
Fork and Straight Fork, both excellent trout streams, are located in Cherokee. It also
provides the closest, direct access to the Tennessee side of the park and the only road
that crosses the park.  In addition to the fishing for wild trout within the park, Cherokee
provides excellent fishing for stocked trout within the city. This is available to anyone
purchasing a low price permit from the city.

Some Cherokee Indian History:
By the early 1800s, the Cherokee Indian Nation was coming along very well from what I
have read. The had their own government that followed a written constitution. I am not
sure we even have that today. They had schools and courts. They became literate within
just a few years using their own native language.

In the 1830s, the United states Federal government no longer needed the Cherokees
as allies or obviously, for anything else. The white men wanted their land for their
plantations. They wanted their gold that was discovered in North Georgia near
Dahlonega, Georgia.

In 1838, the U. S. Government forced the Cherokees in the Eastern United States to
march to and live in Oklahoma. It is estimated that from one-forth to one-half of the
16,000 Indians died from this long march. This was the shameful "Trail of Tears".

The Western North Carolina Cherokees are the descendants from those who managed
to hold onto the land they owned. Most of them hid out in the mountains until they were
able to return. This day in time, the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians is a sovereign
nation. It has more than one-hundred square miles of land and more than 13,000
members. It is a place where modern people preserve and rightfully respect their

I am certainly not a history buff, but the best I remember, this wasn't exactly the picture I
got of the Cherokee Indians when I studied history in school. Years later, just the
thought of this part of our countries history, makes me sick at my stomach. It still does.

There are many motels in Cherokee

Cabin Rentals:
There are many cabins for rent in Cherokee

There are several campgrounds and RV parks in Cherokee

There are several restaurants and some fast food places in Cherokee.

Fly Shops/Stores:
There are some fly shops and guide services in Cherokee.

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