Planning Your Trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Welcome to the Smokies:

Welcome to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited
national park in the country including Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.
Its endless forest and huge diversity of plants and animals make it a world-
renowned natural landscape.

This land was inhibited only by native Cherokee Indians before native
American settlers began to arrive. Great pride is taken in the park's history
and heritage. Many conflicts took place before the mountains became a
national park in 1934. Prior to that time, there was another conflict going
on. A conflict between man and the forest. Timber was the main industry of
the mountains before the park came into existence. Since the creation of
the national park, the timber industry was converted into a tourism industry.
Logging was stopped within the park's boundaries and many species of
animal and plants were saved from extinction because of it.

The National Park Service has several programs underway to help restore
the plants and animal life to the native species and to eliminate exotic and
non-native species. The restoration of elk is one of those programs.
Another is the restoration of the native brook trout in some of the park's

Although the national park is the heart of everything, there are many other
things that have nothing to do with the outdoors, nature or the park but are
still a part of the mountain heritage and culture. Music, arts and crafts,
museums, shopping, entertainment and food are some of the main
attractions outside of the things to do in the park.

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