Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.     Slate Drakes
2.     Little Yellow Stoneflies
3.     Needle Stoneflies
4.     Mahogany Duns
5.     Little Yellow Quills
6.     Great Autumn Brown Sedges
7.     Blue-winged Olives

Most available - Other types of food:
8.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
9.     Grasshoppers
10.   Ants
11.   Beetles
12.   Craneflies

Closing of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and All
Other National Parks

It appears to me the National Park Service is doing everything possible to make
the government shutdown as painful for the public as possible. I doubt (at least hope)
the decisions affecting this are coming directly from local park management, be it
the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or the many other ones. I don't think they
would seek to hurt their neighbors and visitors any worse than they have to. My
guess is it is coming from instructions originating at the White House. At least they
admitted the shutdown was giving them a political advantage. If so, I hope that
changes in the near future.

Doing things like putting up barricades along U.S. Highway #411 to prevent people
from pulling off the side of the road in designated pull off and parking areas (more
work that I have seen them do in a long time) sure makes it appear the park service
is trying to make it as inconvenient for the public as possible. I think it's also a
safety hazard to drivers. I hope no one has trouble with their vehicle that involves an
accident due to that.

I pay $11.95 per month for this website to be hosted and it is larger than the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park website.
They went to the trouble to shut
it (and all the national park websites) down instead of simply posting notices about
the closing on the few pages they have. That certainly makes the shutdown look
worse and appears to me to be their main objective. I don't know about the
government workers who work on the website but it would have taken me about an
hour of work to have done that the right way. They don't post 5% the amount of
information we post on this website when they are in full operation mode. Oh well, I'm
sure they can come up with some other justifications for it.

Since no one is allowed to fish in the park, I may as well wait until it is open to post
any additional information or articles.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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