Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.     Slate Drakes
2.     Little Yellow Stoneflies (Summer Stones)
3.     Needle Stoneflies
4.     Mahogany Duns
5.     Little Yellow Quills
Most available - Other types of food:
6.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
7.      Inch Worms
8.     Grasshoppers
9.     Ants
10.   Beetles
11.   Craneflies
10.   Beetles

Fly Fishing School - Double (Tandem) Rigs and Dropper Rigs
At least two or three times a  week someone via email or during a telephone conversation
someone ask me about using double nymphs rigs or dropper rigs. Since this is "fly fishing
school", let me first explain what double and dropper rigs are.

Double rigs, sometimes called tandem rigs are usually two nymphs fished on the
same leader/tippet setup. I think the idea behind two nymphs versus one is that anglers
have twice the opportunity to fool a trout. If that's true, maybe we all should start fishing 3
nymphs or 12 nymphs on the same leader. That would be a killer rig, right?

In my opinion, double rigs are only used by anglers that still have a lot to learn. They
cause more problems and the end results is they catch less trout for any angler that
chooses an imitation of a nymph that imitates an aquatic insect that is most plentiful and
available for the trout to eat at the time. Two nymphs can never be presented as well as
one  Any nymph should be presented as close to the bottom as possible without hanging

Dropper Rigs are very common. Many anglers, including me, call them "Guide's Rigs".
Guides like them because it usually enables their (learning to fish) clients to catch more
fish, consequently, making them happy and satisfied. It lets the angler "see" the take, so
that he or she can set the hook and catch the fish. For anglers that are still learning to
fish, or for anglers that are lazy and don't want to concentrate on their fishing and rather
remain mediocre anglers, dropper rigs are a good thing.

The top fly of a dropper rigs is nothing more or less than a float or bobber that
lets the anglers know when the trout takes the lower fly and/or, lets the angler see the
trout take the top dry fly.

In the minds of some, it actually increases the odds of success by giving the angler twice
the opportunity to catch a trout, meaning they can take the top or bottom fly. In reality, it
makes it difficult, if not impossible, to present either fly properly. Unless the bottom is
perfectly level, the bottom fly isn't in the best position to imitate a nymph. Depending on
the fly, it can imitate an emerging pupa of a caddisfly, or possibly an emerging nymph, but
it does a less than adequate job of either one.

In fast, pocket water streams, they work good enough to fool a good number of trout for
anglers that again, are learning how to fish, as well as those who are just lazy and don't
want to go to much trouble to catch fish.
They do catch trout but never as many as
someone fishing one fly, selected to imitate what the trout are most likely
feeding on that is presented in such as way as to imitate the behavior of  that
insect or crustacean.

For those of you that use them and swear by them, I'm sorry folks. That's my opinion.
Some anglers like to use bobbers and some don't. If your going to fish with a "float", you
may as well choose a pretty one -  a Royal Wulff is a good looking float.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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