Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.     Cream Cahills
2.     Cinnamon Caddis
3.     Slate Drakes
4.     Little Green Stoneflies
Most available - Other types of food:
5.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
6.      Inch Worms
7.     Grasshoppers
8.     Ants
9.     Beetles

Fly Fishing School - Leader Size Confusion
Although anglers think that the size of nylon leaders conforms to established standards as
to the strength and size of the leader, many manufacturers fail to conform to any such
standard. In fact, many of them take advantage of those assumptions. On more than one
occasion, I have had Perfect Fly customers mention that they didn't like our leaders
because they were not as strong as some other leaders.

Facts are, the designated strength of our leaders is very close to the stated breaking
strength and size. The strength of most manufacturer's leaders is far above that stated.
Worse, some of them boast about it by advertising "World's strongest leaders". Surely that
must be a leader with at least a 400# test tippet. In other words ladies and gentlemen,
many leader and tippet manufacturers deliberately increase the actual breaking strength
of their leaders to well above the stated values. For example, instead of the tag end of a
4X leader breaking at around 5 pounds as designated, it actually breaks closer to 7 or 8
pounds. We could easily make our 4X leaders breaking strength test at over 12 pounds if
we wanted to play games with designations.

The I.G.F.A. solved the problem with regards to establishing World records. They set what
is referred to as  I.G.F.A. standards. The bottom line to the I.G.F.A. ratings is that if line,
leader, or tippet is designated as 6 pound test, then it cannot break at a strength greater
than 6 pounds.

A good example of such marketing hype that can be misleading is Orvis's Super Strong
Leaders. What does Super Strong mean? Does it mean a 5X leader breaks at twice the
strength of  the designated strength. If it does, it isn't a 5X leader, it  would be more like a
2X or a 3X leader. Unfortunately, such marketing lipstick actually works in many, if not
most cases, because anglers don't give it over a split second consideration. "Super
Strong leader" sounds great and gives the instant or off hand impression that it is better
than other leaders. Heck, maybe we should make the tippet end of our 4X leaders break
at about 20 pounds. Now that would be a super strong 4X leader. Actually, I don't think the
leaders break much higher than they are designated to break. It just amounts to pure
marketing lipstick, not anything to do with facts. It isn't a lie. At least most Super Strong
leaders are stronger than an individual strain of hair on your head.

The breaking strength of a certain diameter of monofilament nylon leader or tippet is
meaningful, but that's beyond the scope of what I want to point out in this article. Breaking
strength also varies with the elasticity of the material. There is such a thing as soft nylon
leaders and hard nylon leaders and this effects its breaking strength. My point here is to
make sure you are aware that leaders and for that matter, tippet sizes, should conform to
some standard. It's to also make sure your aware that there are a log of leader marketing
gimmicks in use. I picked on Orvis but they are not the only ones who want to
make you think their leaders are special.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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