Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.     Cream Cahills
2.     Cinnamon Caddis
3.     Slate Drakes
4.     Little Green Stoneflies
Most available - Other types of food:
5.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
6.      Inch Worms
7.     Grasshoppers
8.     Ants
9.     Beetles

Getting Started - More Brook Trout Streams
It's the time of year when the high elevation streams really become important, so for the
next few "Getting Started" articles I will be pointing out some high elevation brook trout
streams (and some not so high), many of which you may be familiar with, and some you
may not be familiar with.

Walkers Camp Prong (Tributary of the West Prong of Little Pigeon River)
This is the easiest to access brook trout stream in the park. Probably all of you that have
visited the Smokies to fish have heard or Walkers Camp Prong. It, along with Road Prong,
forms the West Prong of Little Pigeon River. It has a population of both rainbows and
brook trout. Most all of this stream flows along highway #441. Where it does venture out of
sight of the highway, it's only a short distance away.

This is an easy to fish brook trout stream because it's not that steep. It falls on a more
moderate basis and offers a few miles of good brook trout fishing. Most of the brookies
are small but there are some that may reach 9 inches or even more. You will probably
catch as many rainbows and you do brook trout, especially in the lower and middle
sections of the stream.

Walkers Camp Prong has a small tributary with brook trout - Alum Cave Creek. It offers
about a mile of trail access. It can be accessed at the Alum Cave/Mt.LeConte Tailhead on
highway #441.

West Prong of Little Pigeon River
The West Prong of the Little Pigeon River isn't a brook trout stream as such but it has
brook trout from its beginning downstream to as low as the upper part of the Chimney
Picnic Area. It not only has some, it has some large ones. I think the reason is that it is just
a product of the size of the stream, more than anything.

The river also has plenty of rainbow trout. There's far more of them than brook trout but
you will still pick up some brook trout and again, i will emphasize that you may catch some
very nice ones.

There's a good reason few anglers are aware of this. Few anglers have fished this section
of the West Prong of Little Pigeon River. It's in a deep gorge or canyon-like area that's
very difficult to access. You can access it from the Chimney Picnic area but getting
upstream is very tough. To wade within the stream is rough due to the room size boulders
and deep pools. Hiking upstream is tough because of the thick undergrowth surrounding
the stream and the steep declines of the banks.

When you try to get out of the area, you have a steep, tough climb up to highway #441. It
would be a tough challenge (to say the least) to fish from the Picnic Area to the Chimney
Tops Trail, which is the first official access point to the river from the Picnic area upstream.
That means you would need to climb out at some other point along #441. From the
Tennessee side of the park, as you drive up from the highway from the entrance to the
Picnic Area to the Chimney Top Trailhead, you can look down off to your right and see the
area the stream flows through. In the winter when the leaves are gone, you can see some
of the stream well below the road.

If you fish this area, I recommend you have someone along with you. If you happen to
have an accident in this area, you don't want to be by yourself. It could be days before
anyone just happened to come along and find you.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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