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Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Giant Black Stoneflies
3.    Light Cahills
4.    Cinnamon Caddis (mostly Abrams)
5.    Eastern Pale Evening Duns
6.    Little Short-horned Sedges
7.    American March Browns
8.    Sulphurs
9.    Green Sedges
10.  Little Yellow Stoneflies
11.  Golden Stoneflies
Most available - Other types of food:
12.   Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
13.   Inch Worms

Smoky Mountains Fishing Report
The cool nights have hampered some of the guys I have talked to that have fished during the past week. In
each case, they refused to fish a nymph until late in the day like they should have if they expected to catch
very many trout. I can't really blame them, but they shouldn't complain just because they can't force the trout
to feed like they prefer them to feed.

The high water levels have also hampered some guys efforts but those that took advantage of the situation
and fished the small, higher elevation streams did mostly very well. The little brook trout streams paid off well
with some decent catches of brook trout and small rainbows.

The stream levels have been high for over a month but they have recently fell back down into very good
shape. If the weather forecast holds up, all the environmental conditions should be in excellent shape for the
near future. Multiple hatches will continue to confuse the anglers that have a generic approach.

Another thing I noticed was some guys continued to fish the lower elevations at places such as Metcalf
Bottoms and the Middle Prong of Little River when they should have fished much higher up. That was fine
back in February and March but this is the middle of May.

I can't give you very much personal fishing reports for the past week. I have only been on the water on two
occasions. That doesn't sound so bad until I tell you that consisted of about 30 minutes of fishing time on
each occasion. The first time was in the middle of the day at a higher elevation along #441 on the Little
Pigeon River and produced three trout. Those were two rainbows and a brook trout that would measure
about 14 inches, that is if all three were lined up head to tail. The second time was late in the afternoon on
Little River near Elkmont and resulted in two rainbows, a small one and a nice one near ten inches or so.

We have been experiencing what I guess could best be described as growing pains at Perfect Fly. For the
past three years our fly business almost doubled each year and we based our inventory for this year on
being double that we maintained last year. Fortunately or unfortunately, and trust me, we haven't figured out
which one it is yet, our fly sells have more than tripled for the first four and a half months of this year. Off
hand, that sounds good but it also creates some unexpected problems. For one thing, it has kept the three
of us very busy seven days a week for far too many hours of the day. In some cases, we have had to get
familiar with something we declared would never exist at Perfect Fly. On a few occasions, we had been
forced to have to use what we consider a very bad word - backorder. Fortunately, within the next week, we
will again have a full stock of everything. I've never paid much attention to fancy retail business words such
as SKU's, or stock keeping units. Up until recently, that sounded more like the name of a fly someone came
up with than something I should be familiar with. I didn't have a clue we had over 2,500 of them.

Back to fishing, I have a few email notes from customers that did fairly well within the past week or so. I guess
I must assume those we didn't hear from didn't do so well.

Fishing reports from customers are just the opposite of news reports. The news only report things that are
bad. Fly fishers only report things that are good.
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