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Conditions Forecast - Coming Week
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Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Giant Black Stoneflies
3.    Light Cahills
4.    Cinnamon Caddis (mostly Abrams)
5.    Eastern Pale Evening Duns
6.    Little Short-horned Sedges
7.    American March Browns
8.    Eastern Green Drakes (Abrams)
9.    Little Yellow Stoneflies
Most available - Other types of food:
10.   Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
11.   Inch Worms

Weather and Stream Conditions Forecast - Coming Week
It is going to be very difficult for anyone to predict the amount of rain the Smokies will receive today. Right
now, early this Monday morning, it's raining hard in Pigeon Forge. The streams are already very high and
rising. The rain that's occurring from the slow moving low pressure system is a hit or miss situation for most

The most likely area of heavy rainfall today is the Southern Appalachian Mountains, which of course,
includes Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The problem with the predictions is that the rain can be very
heavy in a particular area and light just a few miles away. For the most  part, the rain should be ending
today, but the front is almost stalled and it's very difficult for the weather experts to predict the amount of
precipitation for any given area. Right now, they are not predicting any heavy flooding for the Smokies and
hopefully, it will stay that way. Hopefully, the rain will be moderate and end by tonight, leaving the streams in
the park high, but not flooded.

The National Weather Service Precipitation Map shows that within the past two days, most of the higher
elevations inside the park have received between 2 and 21/2 inches of rain. I'm sure that is going to
increase as the day goes by. The  map will change depending on the exact time you check it and the time
frame (history) you use. In the location area box, you can enter "Great Smoky Mountains National Park" and
select "past 2 days" to see the amount of rainfall for the park.

Right now, just outside the park,
Little River is flowing at 1140 cfs but that will change as the day goes by.

I will do another report on this situation tomorrow morning and hopefully, it will be more accurate insofar as
determining the conditions for the remainder of the week and the coming weekend. If the weather situation
has stabilized, I will also suggest strategies for fly fishing the park during the coming week.