Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Brown Stoneflies
4.    Quill Gordons
5.    Blue Quills
6.    Little Black Caddis
7.    Hendricksons/Red Quills

Most available - Other types of food:
8.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Smoky Mountains Fishing Report
Straight from the first grade of fly fishing, we have the Smoky Mountains Fishing Report. I talked to two
anglers who fishing this past weekend. Joe Blow said fishing was great and that he caught several trout, but I
figured there's a 51-49 chance, he lied. Why, do I feel that way? Well, because Joe said the fishing was
terrible during the past weekend. He failed to catch a single trout.
That's today's fishing report.

Of course I'm kidding, but not near as much as you may think. That's about what a fishing report is worth.
Fishing gets good and bad because anglers (humans with fly rods in their hands) are good and
bad fishers.

There hasn't been a day that has gone by in the last year that the trout refused to eat. Does it matter how
much they desire to eat or to get fancy with words, the level of their metabolism? I don't think so. It really
matters very little. To catch one, you only need for them to eat one fly and they will do that as long as they
take it for food. I'm reluctant to use the phrase "think it is food". Fish don't have a lot of "thinking" ability.
Neither do they remember things very well.

This is getting off subject but have you heard anglers say something like "I don't use such and such fly
because the trout are use to seeing them". I would think that if they were use to seeing them, they must
mean the trout are use to seeing them and not accepting them for the real things, otherwise, they would
have eaten the fly. You may have heard them say "I use this fly because the trout are not use to seeing
them". I assume that means they don't like a fly that the trout have become use to seeing AND rejecting
because they discovered it wasn't the real thing.

I have some breaking news for anyone that has such illusions. The memory of a trout is far worse than a
human with a full blown case of alzheimer's disease. Fish don't remember anything very well. That has been
proven over and over. It has always amazed me as to just how anglers can come up with such things.

The title of the thickest book ever written about fishing would have to be "A Million and One Fishing Excuses".

Back to the fishing report:
I didn't fish any during the past week and I don't have a personal fishing report. I did talk to a few guys that
fished during the past week and their success ranged from poor to good. One guy reported catching over
twenty trout on Friday and about the same Saturday. Another one reported fishing both days and catching
one trout. The others didn't give any numbers out, but the results ranged from good to bad.

I can assure you that it doesn't matter how great the conditions are or how poor the conditions
are, that will usually be the case
. Just wait until next week when I think the conditions will be about as
good as they ever get. The success will be about the same. It may average a little better but it will range
from good to bad depending on who is doing the fishing.

Even when conditions (weather, stream levels and flows, water temperatures, hatches, etc) are at their best,
the success of various anglers will range from poor to great. I know there aren't any real "fly fishing for trout"
professionally run tournaments with high numbers of anglers that can provide any clear evidence of
anything, but if there were such, you can rest assured the success would vary greatly. When conditions
were great, the overall catch results may be as much as 50% higher and right the opposite, or as much as
50% lower when conditions were terrible: however, one thing would be obvious. It wouldn't matter if the
conditions were terrible, there would always be a decent percentage of anglers that would catch plenty of
trout. This has been proven over and over for years in well run fishing tournaments, both fresh and saltwater

As I mentioned yesterday, in order for anyone to improve their success, the first thing they have to
understand is they are the one doing the fishing. Success isn't controlled by the fish. It's controlled by the
angler.  As long as one thinks their success, or lack thereof is determined by the trout, or the fishing is good
or bad crap, they cannot possibly improve. I have known many guys that have fished their entire life without
understanding that. When they don't catch many fish, they return home saying "the fishing was terrible".
When they catch plenty of fish, they return home saying "the fishing was great". There isn't anything wrong
with saying that......as long as they understand
they were the ones doing the fishing.

I'm sorry I don't have a personal fishing report to offer for the past week. I will be doing my best to make a
few short trips during the coming week.

Short Note: At Perfect Fly, I get about 1 to 10 calls a day, asking "how's the fishing" at such and such
location. I always answer with something like "
As far as I know, there are still plenty of trout in the
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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