Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stonefliesl

Most available/ Other types of food:
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Smoky Mountain Fishing Report
I have very little to report from an inside the park fishing standpoint. The only chance I have had to fish this
past week was last Friday as of a week ago. We have been unusually busy this week with fly orders mostly
for the Southwestern part of the country. I also had two routine checkup appointments at UT Hospital. I did
drive through the park from Townsend to Gatlinburg on my way back from the hospital yesterday afternoon .
It was warm and misting rain, but I did not see the first person fishing Little River or the Little Pigeon. I didn't
even see a parked vehicle that looked like someone might be fishing.

As mentioned, Friday as of a week ago, my friend Breck and I fished upper Abrams Creek for a short time. As
we turned the bend approaching the bridge over Abrams Creek, I noticed something very different from the
usual scene. There was a lot of water standing in the fields around the area where the tiny springs begin to
bubble up out of the ground to form the creek. Cades Cove received a lot more rain than I was aware of, or
anticipated. I could have avoided finding that out the hard way. I failed to check the
National Weather Service
precipitation map which would have clearly shown that had occurred. Had I done that, I would have known the
water level situation in advance of going there. Abrams Creek was running very high and the rain water that
was exposed to the low overnight temperature of 22 degrees, negated the small amount of spring water's
effect on the temperature. I was hoping to find water near the trailhead to Abrams Falls in the usual high
forties but it measured a cold 42 degrees, even in the spring creek portion above the little foot bridge. I was
caught off guard and we were completely unprepared to fish the high, cold water the right way.

I've talked to and received email from three different groups of anglers that will be fishing the park tomorrow
and during this coming weekend. I hope to have a better fishing report for the park streams this time next

I have also talked to several anglers fishing the many tailwaters in the area. The reports range from very
good to poor, depending on the tailwater release schedules. We sold several of our Perfect Fly Shad
streamers to anglers anticipating a shad kill at some of the dams. These guys were focusing on Chaney
Fork, Hiwassee and the Watauga tailwaters. I have not fished either of these during a shad kill. I do know we
sold a lot of my Threadfin Shad fly pattern for those pursuing that strategy this past year.

I've received some email from a few of our regular customers interested in helping me with the new Fishing
Report article and maybe, I can improve on the information provided in the future. Fishing conditions are
excellent right now but there is a 40% chance of rain today and tomorrow. The chances are reduced some
for the weekend but back to 50% for Monday night.  At the present time, it appears this will not be excessive
but the possibility does exist.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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Perfect Fly "Shad" streamer fly
Fishing Report Warning:
We do not believe that fishing reports are worthwhile if one's
intension is to follow or attempt to try to copy what others may
have done. We do understand that many anglers enjoy reading
them, if for no other reason, to put themselves on a stream when
they can't be there. We certainly see nothing wrong with that;
however, reports should be taken for what they are really worth
and as far as planning future trips are concerned, that is very little,
if any.
What someone did yesterday on such and such stream isn't
important. Conditions change by the hour, if not the minute. An
angler is much better off getting the current stream conditions,
water levels, temperature, weather, etc., and then making his or
her own determination of the best strategy to use. Trying to follow
others success is a very poor strategy as well as an admission of
a lack of confidence.
Often, fishing reports are taken from anglers that tend to stretch
the truth. Even if the information is accurate, the angler's success
may have been on a small area of water with favorable conditions
when the majority of the stream did not have the same favorable
conditions. That same person may not be able to repeat their
performance the following day.  
We don't mean to imply that fishing reports are not worth reading.
As our email and other site statics indicate, many anglers enjoy
reading them.
What we do want to point out is that they should
not be used as a strategy to try to follow.
The only thing you will
learn using that approach to fishing, is that it's a very poor one.