Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stonefliesl

Most available/ Other types of food:
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Fly Fishing News and Events
This will be my first and last fly fishing news and events article. When I decided to stick to a schedule of what
the articles would be about each day, I came up with "News and Events" giving little thought to it. I was trying
to shorten the job of writing the daily article in order that I had more time to fish, and more time to spend on
the Perfect Fly website. The more I thought about news, the more it became obvious that the only news in fly
fishing is as actually about as old as  dirt. Other than manufacturer's new fly fishing product, there is little left
to write about in the way of news. I'm not going to use our Smoky Mountain website to serve as a ad agency
for the fly fishing business. I'm changing the subject of Friday's article to "Getting Started".

Now, for the first and last news article:
I went fishing with my friend Breck yesterday. I took him to the best tailwater in the Southeastern United
States only to discover that he couldn't catch a single trout. I felt sorry for him. There he was near Bristol
Tennessee, fishing the only tailwater trout stream in the South with plenty of wild, stream-bred brown trout,
and all he was doing was practice casting. He had the same success he would have had if he fished in his
own front yard.

He got the discharge information, exactly like he should always do. He knew the water would be cut off  
between 1:00 PM and 6:00PM. Conditions for catching trout were perfect. The water temperature was 48
degrees. He had at least 25 grand worth of  new fly fishing gear with him. He was driving a brand new Kings
Ranch Limited Addition SUV, made by the only non-government owned automobile manufacturer in the U. S.,
Ford Motors. He stopped in the South Holston Fly Shop and ask them "which fly the fish were feeding on". He
purchased a new pair of gloves just to show his appreciation, but he soon discovered part of the fingers were
missing, It was a good looking pair of gloves. They were just missing part of the fingers. Who ever designed
them obviously couldn't count, or maybe they previously  worked for a chain saw company.

This news story gets worse. There were at least ten other anglers fishing within sight of us that, unless they
did a good job of hiding it, didn't catch a single trout. All of them were top notch anglers. They all had new
Simms waders and Simms newest wading boots with the new felt soles. There was one young lady with a
guard dog fishing next to Breck, and even after watching her catch the only trout caught at the South Holston
River yesterday, he still didn't succeed in hooking one. I was embarrassed for him.

He came over to where I was fishing, scared all the trout I had slipped up on off, and ask me what kind of
mayfly he had caught on the surface of the water. Before looking at it, I first said it was a blue-winged olive,
thinking it was probably one of our Perfect Flies that had drifted down stream by someone who lost it on a
trout upstream from us. I just figured he couldn't tell the difference in our Perfect flies and the real insects.

On second glance, I discovered he had captured a Sulphur mayfly. I just told him to put it back because they
were not supposed to be hatching. It was born premature. He took a picture of it and released it unharmed so
that future generations have the same opportunity we do. It was obvious he had a lot to learn about aquatic
insects. You just don't go around catching mayflies that are not hatching.

I had to stand there in the beautiful South Holston River, watching all those anglers, including my friend Breck
strike out. Well, watch all the male anglers strike out. The lady scored. They men didn't catch a single trout.

I hope I'm not being to hard on them, and I hope they don't get a upset at me for reporting this in my new
News and Events article that ends today.
I mean, I fished hard all afternoon, right there with them, and I didn't catch a
trout either. The only difference was, I knew nothing but premature born Sulphurs would be hatching and they didn't know that..
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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