Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stonefliesl

Most available/ Other types of food:
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Smoky Mountains Fishing Report
Like yesterday's "Fishing Tales" article, reporting on fishing is going to be something new for me to be doing.
It isn't exactly going to be an easy thing to do at this time of the year when only a very few anglers are willing
to get out of their cozy reclining chairs sitting in front of the fireplace. I know of several Perfect Fly customers
that were planning on fishing this past week, but I have only heard back from one of them. The other guys
are probably still here enjoying their vacation and haven't received my email.  

Brandon Bennett, a customer from Carrollton, Georgia, responded with "I went to Elkmont to fish Little River
for a few hours yesterday. Used the #20 BWO nymph you suggested with several split shots and landed a
tiny one and a 7 inch bow. Had a blast! It's all about the fishing for me...catching is just a bonus".

That actually occurred three days ago when it was very unlikely the water reached much over 40 degrees. I
give him an "A" for the catching and an "A" plus for understanding "what it's all about".

I can report that the streams are all up a little from the rain night before last. Little River is flowing at 598 cfs
right now but falling. The two USGS stations on the North Carolina side of the park are reporting about the
same conditions. That's too strong of a flow and too high to safely wade but the streams should be back to
normal very soon.

My friend Breck and I will be headed up north (north Tennessee that is) to where the water we will be fishing
will probably, hopefully anyway, be warmer than the air. Can you guess where we will be fishing this

I'll give you a hint. We will be fishing the best tailwater in the Southeastern United States.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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