Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little BWOs)
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stonefliesl

Most available/ Other types of food:
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Fishing Tales - Day Dreaming on a Cold Morning
Now that I have come up with the brilliant idea of a new section for this website called "Fishing Tales", I woke
up this early morning
and my mind went blank about what the first fishing tale would be about. I took my
first sip of coffee and as I normally do, clicked on a link to the local weather forecast. That quickly caused my
mind to wonder back to the days Angie and I lived within a rocks throw of the beach in Panama City, Florida.
Less than twenty feet from the back door of our condo was one of the several lakes at Edgewater Beach
Resort. Until it's developed, land within less than a half block of the beach is low and flat. The lakes were built
in order for the developer to get enough soil to create the nine hole golf course, creating a year-round
fishery of bass, bream and some huge carp stocked to control the fast growing grass. I could walk out on the
patio and catch a bass while sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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I honestly don't remember the exact time of the year these fish were caught. I didn't catch over a few
thousand during the years we lived there, but I will assure you is was probably late Fall, Winter or early
Spring. I only wore long pants about ten or twenty days a year and my socks stayed in our storage shed.
Look, long pants!
We always fried the bass, bream and shellcracker and ate all we caught. After a year or two, we became immune to weed
poison and the fertilizers used on the fairways and greens.
I'll stop right here because that is the biggest tale (in this
case and outright lie) I could possibly come up with.
Actually, I tossed them all back in the lakes just prior to getting hit in
the head with a golf ball. These were all caught on our
Perfect Fly bass and bream flies..Here I go again, adding a touch of
to an otherwise honest fishing tale, so I'll be honest. We had not come up with Perfect Flies at that time or I would
have tripled my catch.